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Our platform sends an OTP message to the registered number and access is granted when the correct OTP is entered.
You can transfer digital credits from your app to your bank account by selecting the Withdaw tab. The fund will be transferred to the default bank account you have on file.
You add your bank acount by going into the OPTIONS - PAYMENT SETTINGS and then add your bank acount information.
Yes, while Zelle is for US clieints, you can send money to someone through their Zelle account on Jubielee if they have Zelle Transfers as their default bank account and their phone number associated with their Zelle account added as their account number in the payment settings.
You can receive payments via wallet transfer, bank transfer, or cash pickup.
You can see all of your transactions by clicking on the TRANSACTIONS Transactions Icon button on the front of the app or you can click on OPTIONS - SEND RECEIVE TOTALS
That will depend on your bank. We find that some banks will show the deposit within minutes and other banks may take up to 30 minutes. If you add your email address to your account, you will get the email alerts from the bank giving you updates on your transfer.
You can request a payment from anyone that you have added as a contact. Click on their name and from the dropdown list select Request Payment.

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We do not currently have web access for your account but you can pay bills or transfer money to members who are on the platform.
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